Our Comment on the UK Government's new obesity strategy

27 July 2020

The Scottish Obesity Alliance welcomes the UK Government’s plan to introduce a 9pm watershed for the advertisement of foods high in fat, sugar and salt on TV and online.

The new obesity strategy from the UK Government has recognised that our environments play a huge part in shaping our choices, and this is an important first step in creating the right food environment in Scotland - particularly for our young.  

We believe further advertising restrictions should be applied to other types of media in addition to TV and online however including cinema, radio, outdoor and direct marketing. This will minimise potential loopholes in any new and emerging forms of advertising and create a level playing field for food and drink manufacturers.

We are supportive of the further measures announced in the new obesity strategy that affect England including:

  • Introducing calorie labelling on food and non-alcoholic drinks in restaurants, cafes and takeaways
  • Restricting end of aisle promotions for food and drink products high in fat, sugar and salt including buy one get one free deals, end of aisle and check out displays
  • A consultation on front-of-pack nutritional labelling
  • A consultation onalcohol calorie labellingsold in pubs, restaurants etc.

We urge the Scottish Government to act further on these devolved matters and take immediate action to tackle promotions and improve the out of home food environment including calorie labelling.

There is no single measure to tackle obesity.

Elma Murray, Chair. 


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