Our response to the Proposed Right to Food (Scotland) Bill

15 September 2020

Scottish Labour MSP Elaine Smith's public consultation on proposals for a bill that seeks to enshrine the human right to food into Scots law closed on Tuesday 15 September 2020.

We believe that this consultation is really important. Although the right to food is an established right in international law, direct incorporation of the right to food into Scots laws is necessary to ensure that the right is realised for everyone.

Realising people’s right to food means that it is the State’s responsibility to ensure that food is available, accessible and adequate for everyone. This includes, for example, ensuring: businesses play their part in the sale of safe, nutritious food for all; government takes action to tackle low pay in the food industry; a compassionate system of social security which enables people to eat well and access food with dignity. 

View our response to the consultation here